Fatty Liver Disease Can Be Lessened Through Strength Training

Everyone must be well aware of the fact; strength training can be very good for the heart. Now the latest study has shown that strength training can also diminish the accumulation of fat in the liver and also improve blood glucose regulation.

The study, which was headed by a team from the University of Campinas in Brazil, revealed that strength training can minimize fat stored in the liver and ameliorate blood glucose control in overweight mice, even without general loss of body weight.

The findings indicate that strength training may be a quick and successful strategy for diminishing the risk of fatty liver disease and diabetes in fat people.

Pereira de Moura from the varsity stated that these developments in metabolism occurred over a short time even though the entire amount of body fat was not changed; thus, indicating that strength training can have a positive impact on health and straight away affect liver’s function and metabolism. She even stated that strength training can be very effective as a non-drug and low-cost strategy for benefitting health.

During the research, which was published in the Journal of Endocrinology, the team examined results of strength-based exercise on liver fat build-up, blood glucose regulation and markers of inflammation in fat mice.

Obese mice went through strength training over a short time, the equal of which in humans won’t be enough to alter their body fat composition.
After the short-term training, it showed that the mice had less fatty livers, diminished levels of incendiary markers and their blood glucose regulation got boosted, regardless of no change in their total body weight.

These health benefits would be even more successful if accompanied by depletion of body fat. Depending on these findings, obese individuals could be ordered to escalate their activities through strength training; however, they should always first consult their primary care physician. More examination is needed in both animals and people to learn how liver metabolism is impacted by strength training.

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