Fans Take Center Stage at Boca River Superclasico

Superclasico is a football match that is played between the rivals Boca Juniors and River Plate. In fact, Superclasico is known for exhibiting the considerable rivalry in football as well as for the fans who attend to watch the match.

While Europe is famous for the Champions League, the Copa Libertadores which is played in South America is known for courage, rage, and unpredictability. So the forthcoming match on Saturday, which is going to be held between Argentina’s two greatest clubs, can witness some kind of chaos, both on and off the field.

On 11th November, at Boca’s sacrosanct Bombonera ground in Buenos Aires, the two teams drew the first leg 2-2. The conclusive second leg which is going to take place in Saturday is going to be held at River Plate’s Monumental stadium.

A 29-year old blind fan of River Plate echoed that it is an important match and they shouldn’t lose the match. In case they lose the match, everything would be over. Another 33-year old fan of River Plate expressed that River Plate is his passion and life. He added that he sold his car in order to witness the finals. While Boca have won the Libertadores six times, River has won the match for three times. However, in the 58 year competition, both teams would be coming face to face in the final.

Previously, rival fans used to hold either ends of the stadium in order to get a chance and catcall the opponents. However, only home fans have access to tickets. What is appealing about the Superclasico is the rawness and this makes Libertadores far better than other matches.

Usually, fans are separated through neither moats nor chain-like fences. However, in Libertadores, officials are encircled by riot polices and remains protected from fans and players via shields.

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