Facebook voices objection to £500,000 levied as a result of Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Last October Facebook found itself on the brink of a scandal owing to the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. According to reports, Cambridge Analytical, a tech firm harvested personal user data from almost 87 million Facebook accounts without the consent of users.
This lead to havoc and the issue was soon investigated by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) The regulator from ICO found Facebook guilty and accused it of handing over user data without notifying the users. Further, it was also pointed out those certain apps like the myPersonality app by Aleksandr Kogan even collected user data without being installed.
As a consequence, the ICO issuing a fine of £500,000 to Facebook; initially accepting their faults, Facebook issued an apology claiming they should have been more careful with user data. However, to avoid further speculation and scandal, Facebook reported having closed any possible loopholes that can lead to future displacement of user data.
Nevertheless, the ICO did not pull off the fine. However, with Facebook harvesting a gross income in more than billions, repaying the fine was not a concern for the company.
Yet, on the last day of Facebook’s appeal the company came forward to object to the fine. According to their reputed lawyer Anna Benckert the fine levied wasn’t justified.
Apparently, even though data of millions of UK users were leaked no evidence was found that indicated misuse of data. Hence, levying a fine without concrete evidence was not acceptable on the ICO’s part. Moreover, the fine would lead to people questioning the principals of sharing data online, along with restricting internet freedom. Hence, for these reasons, Facebook justified its reasons for not accepting the fine.
However, till now no record has been presented of Facebook appealing the ICO for levying the fine. Sources have questioned the tribunal in charge of analyzing appeals and he confirmed that no request has yet been made.

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