Facebook & Twitter Shut Down Thousands of Fake Accounts based in Iran, Russia & Venezuela

On 30th January, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have declared a suspension of thousands of accounts tied to Iran, Russia, and Venezuela. The cardinal reason for the removal of such accounts, pages and groups were to put an end to coordinated inauthentic behavior.

There were a number of pages and accounts in Iran that directly influenced public opinion and associated politics of other nations. The huge mass even took to social media platforms to circulate fake news. So, this is indeed a smart move to combat the surfacing of man-made provoking stories.

According to the sources, Facebook has shut down a total of 783 accounts, groups, & pages where people mostly used fake or stolen identities for fanning out chaos in targeted countries. On the same day, Twitter has also abandoned 2,617 spiteful accounts based on Iran. These accounts were quite active since August 2018. Furthermore, this microblogging site has also removed a good number of accounts in Russia, Venezuela, and Bangladesh. Facebook last year also took active participation in removing malicious accounts related to the Iranian influence campaigns.

The content in the fake Iranian accounts had topics based on relations between Palestine and Israel, wars in Yemen and Syria. However, most of the content was vindictive in nature. Surprisingly, such activities in Iran dated back to 2010. Additionally, the posts used to promote a strong bias for the Tehran government.

In the latest interview, the spokesperson of Twitter has confirmed that both the companies have worked hand-in-hand for removal of these accounts. Especially, they worked with a calculative approach to track down all the Iranian accounts. Indeed, this is an encouraging example of the constructive collaboration of two giant digital platforms.

The good news is that the microblogging site is continually striving to collaborate with other tech companies to identify the ongoing malicious activity.

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