Facebook, Twitter Ban Far-Right Figures for Creating Fake Accounts and Promoting Hate Speech

On Tuesday, the accounts of two-high profile far-right figures were removed. Jacob Wohl, an internet hoaxer and conservative conspiracy theorist were blocked from Twitter for creating fake accounts, according to company sources. Wohl, who is a supporter of President Donald Trump, made use of the social media platform Twitter, to spread false news about people, which includes special counsel Robert Muller, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg, and Rep. Ilhan Omar.

A Twitter representative stated that the account was suspended for various breaches of the Twitter rules, specifically developing and operating fake accounts.

On Tuesday morning in an article, Wohl stated that he planned to develop many fake Facebook and Twitter accounts to drive the left-wing votes in the chief to what they feel to be weaker candidates in comparison to Trump.

Tommy Robinson, the founder of the far-right English Defence League, was outlawed from Facebook and Instagram for breaking hate speech rules. Facebook in a statement on Tuesday stated that people as well as organizations involved in “organized hate” — or who support the organized hate won’t be allowed on the platform.

Tommy Robinson’s Facebook Page has frequently broken these standards, posting material that uses degraded language and calls for violence aimed at Muslims. Facebook even stated that Tommy also behaved in ways that breach Facebook’s policies around organized hate.

Robinson was prohibited from Twitter last year. He didn’t immediately answer to a request for comment on his ban from Facebook and Instagram.

Social media sites have been struggling with hate speech and disinformation on their platforms. Last year, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was removed from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, among many other platforms. In October, Facebook barred pages associated with far-right extremists the Proud Boys and announced in 2017 that it got rid of around 66,000 posts a week because of offensive rhetoric. Trump along with some conservatives have introduced concerns about comprehended bias from social media and tech companies against right-wing figures and groups.

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