Facebook to Pay You If You Allow It to Spy Your Phone

On Tuesday, Facebook once again launched an app that would be paying people so that they share some information with the social media giant. The new app, known as Study would monitor the ways people use their phones. In fact, the app would monitor which apps the users are installing and using on their phone.

Earlier, the social media giant rolled out two similar apps that trace the activities of the phone’s user. Earlier apps were closed after it drew criticism for violating privacy and breaching Apple’s App Store guidelines. Well, through this new app, the amount of time spent on the apps; or the country to which the user belongs. Study app would be able to reveal any specific features related to the app along with the app data. However, Facebook stated that it won’t see certain contents like passwords, messages, and websites visited.

The start of Study indicates that Facebook clearly feels that they still need this data on how people are using their phones, and also Facebook has learned a thing or two from the last controversies. Study app would be available only to people 18 and up. The age of the users would be verified by referring the age on their Facebook account. Participants will also have to have a PayPal account in order to get paid, and PayPal also has an 18 and over. Facebook stated that it will refer to other data it knows about a user when analyzing data from the app, but data from the app won’t otherwise be linked to your account or used for targeting ads to you.

It would be launched in the US and India. Not everyone will be able to sign up for Study. A spokesperson refused to comment on how much people would be paid and who would be directed with invitations to use the Study app. Well, the list of information the app gathers is vast, and that other information is not collected.


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