Facebook Tempts Content Creators with New Community-centered Video Platform

Facebook has announced numerous new live video features which will allow the creators to make their live streams similar to games with quizzes and polls. The features announced by Facebook are similar to the ones that the creators on YouTube enjoy. The new features might attract established creators to migrate to the video platform of Facebook.
Facebook states that the features will reinvent the traditional entertainment formats and make it more community-centric. A trend was observed in collaborative video consumption which relies on the participation of the audience. YouTube had introduced integrated polling and collaboration with the audiences after announcing its Community tab in November 2017. With the help of the features, the creators can ask their audiences what they should broadcast next and also be capable of building anticipation for the upcoming video series.
New methods to profit from the video content would be soon arriving on Facebook and the company would permit more creators to add monthly subscriptions and commercial breaks. These features would also introduce new methods of securing and finding paid partnerships by using a feature called Brand Collabs Manager.
Facebook has announced several creators who were launching live game shows on Facebook like “Confetti” from Insider, BuzzFeed’s “Outside Your Bubble,” and Fresno’s “What’s in The Box.” One can also enjoy live interactive game shows that would be aired on a regular basis on Facebook Watch.


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