Facebook Substantiates Years Old Message Resurfacing To Haunt Users

Of late, users of social media networking site, Facebook have reported a strange bug to have scourged the social media platform. It is being reported that year-old Messenger threads reemerging automatically, without having any kind of explanation.
This incident was first reported on Twitter by users. The company has approved that the older messages are popping up as new messages; whereas the unread messages are popping up in the Messenger tab on Facebook.com. The explanation behind such action still remains evasive. A spokesperson from Facebook stated that some people were receiving older messages on Facebook.com. He added that the company is aware of the issue and they are working in order to solve the matter as soon as possible.
Users are anxious over the fact that the bug might reemerge the conversations or any past histories which users might want to forget. In case, the user has deleted the conversation between them and another user, Facebook Messenger maintains the wholeness of the back-and-forth conversations, which can date back to many years. This event can be discordant for many users, especially if any message of any late user pops up.
According to sources, this isn’t the first time that such an incident occurred. In 2015, it was noted that the painful memories of users started to resurface when users used On This Day Callback feature. It happened because of the basic algorithm didn’t know the right way to make a distinction between the cheerful posts and congratulatory posts which it was supposed to resurface and the posts about tragedy which was produced much, in case, more engagement it tried to measure.
However, this time, it seems that the issue is with the code instead of the critical failure of human understanding. In fact, a huge number of people reporting about the bug are treating it as an irregular and quizzical anomaly of the social networking site which doesn’t have any kind of explanation for the moment.

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