Facebook Records another Privacy and Security Glitch

The misuse of social media platforms has increased in recent times and there is no doubt why people are blaming the privacy and security measure not adequately taken by the social media platforms. Facebook has already been blamed for a series of incidents over for not taking sufficient measures for restricting the users from misusing its platform. One of the latest example being the New Zealand mosque attack where the attacker broadcasted his attack through Facebook live.

This week the social network made another announcement saying that it found about millions of Instagram passwords that were stored in the form of plain text. Storing passwords in plain texts can easily let the employees of the tech giant read them if they wished to.

According to the previous statistics it was estimated at about ten thousand to be unsecured however, the new figures have surpassed the previous estimations to a massive extent reaching to millions.

The obvious question that comes to the mind of users is how this security breach came to light. This activity was noticed by a security researcher while using the platform where it asked the users to submit their email passwords for verifying their identity while signing up for their accounts. The researcher said that those who submitted their password came across a pop-up message that said of importing the password of the users despite the service not asking for any permission.

Facebook’s Vice President of engineering, security, and privacy, Pedro Canahuati said that the investigation carried out by the team determined the stored passwords were neither internally abused nor accessed improperly.

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