Facebook Must Offer Users Due Process for Takedowns, Demands Human Rights Group

Human Rights Watch, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, and more than 70 groups have demanded that facebook must adopt a due process system that is more clear for the content takedonws. An open letter that was written to Mark Zuckerberg urged him to enact the principles of Santa Clara which is known to be a series of moderation guidelines put forward by the nonprofits and academics earlier this year.
The community standards of the Facebook have been highly criticized by the civil society groups across the globe. They have also criticized the way in which the social media exhibit bias and that are evenly applied across different cultural context and languages. It has also been mentioned on the letter that they must offer a mechanism for remedy which is more transparent which will help the mechanism to move forward in a long way for supporting the expressions of the users. Some of the points which have been included in the Santa Clara principles are a clear explanation for reasons for violating the rules of Facebook by a post or profile too; an appeal system which includes review by a human moderator; detailed transparency reports that are seen on a regular basis to see how much content has been taken down and how many cases have been solved.
Facebook have also intentions to outline some of the minimum standards which need to be maintained by the users so that it becomes a good platform moderation, encourage companies to balance the rights of the users which requires to remove some of the harmful material which have been posted on the social media.

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