Facebook Messenger’s Dark Mode Gets Rolled Out

Off late, Facebook was busy with revamping their messenger app. It has been busy with narrowing down its focus on chats and even pledged that they would be rolling out a darker mode for the users.

Well, the latest update is that Facebook has quietly rolled out a dark mode for its Messenger app. However, in order to activate the feature on one’s device, one would need to follow some procedure. Don’t worry! You won’t need to do any tough things to get it activated.

You need to do is to send a moon emoji. Yes, you need to send a crescent moon emoji to someone in your contacts or even to a Chabot. The right emoji is one of the moons without a face, and you will know that you have sent the right emoji as the screen will get filled up with a rain of crescent moon emojis in the chat window.

After that, Facebook asks the sender to tap in the resulting popup menu. In case, this trick doesn’t work, the sender can also double tap the moon emoji or try to go the profile page in the app and from the settings one would get an option to turn the mode on.
The dark mode of Facebook’s Messenger app has been badgered at the F8 conference last year in October. Since then it has been tested in few nations. The sad part is that the feature is that it’s presently available to a few users only. In fact, the app sends a caution that the work for Facebook Messenger dark mode is still in progress, but it seems that most sections of the app already support the feature.

Google confirmed at the 2018 Android Dev Summit that activating dark mode would prolong the battery life for Android smartphones, as the diminished brightness of the screens results to slower battery drain. The same possibly holds true for Apple’s iPhones.

The advent of dark mode, although as a secret feature, comes with the rollout of a simpler, revamped version of the app known as Messenger 4. The new Messenger, disclosed in October last year, streamlines the user interface while introducing new customization options.

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