Facebook under Investigation by New York’s Attorney General Consequent To Contact-Scraping Scandal

Recent news reports state that the office of the New York attorney general uncovered Facebook harboring more than 1.5 million email contacts of users without consent.

This led to the attorney general’s office chastising Facebook for repeatedly being careless with customer information. As per information gathered since May 2016, Facebook collected data on more than 1.5 million people to help improve ad-targeting algorithms that will assist in proving good turnover.

Refuting the accusations Facebook claimed that this was due to an ‘unplanned and unintentional’ consequence of procedure that mainly collected data to uncover user identity.

However, customers asserted that they did not consent to Facebook harvesting all their emails. Facebook is repeatedly cavorting with customer privacy and hence, as repercussion it is expecting a fine from the US Federal Trade Commission between $3 and $5 billion to settle the issue of the scandal.

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