Facebook Going to Reinstate Groups That Has Been Invaded By Saboteurs

Facebook is working to reinstitute a number of groups that were inaccurately removed or were impacted by sabotage. A spokesperson from the company informed that the social networking site removed many groups from Facebook after discovering content which breached Facebook policies.

After probe, it found that content had been “posted to cripple legal, non-breaching groups.” Facebook is working to reinstate any groups that were hit and to “stop this from happening again.”

The situation supposedly started on 13th May. A popular meme account on Facebook known as Crossovers Nobody Asked For (CNAF), which enjoys over 500,000 members, was suddenly closed down. The group’s administrators tried to paddock its users into a new group, “Crossovers Nobody Asked For ‘Season 2,’” but that got closed down just one day later.

Members of CNAF were able to track down a screenshots of a group touted as Indonesian Reporting Commission (IReC) commemorating CNAF’s page being shut down; leading to doubts that IReC might be behind the attacks. Facebook didn’t confirm if the Indonesian Reporting Commission that gets groups and pages debarred by posting questionable content and through mass reporting, was behind this closing down of CNAF.

The onslaught on two high-profile groups, although seemingly isolated, has been felt by a big number of Facebook users. People started ton complain on Facebook and Twitter about waking up to a series of notifications from various groups that they are being changed to “secret’ from “private”.

The incident is fixed largely among a network of popular meme pages and groups. However, the fear of suspensions or ban at the hand of Facebook’s algorithmically-driven reporting system, allegedly fortified by its ongoing AI endeavors, stresses the vulnerability of the social network’s s moderation approach. It also shows how little trust users have in Facebook’s ability to predict these issues and avert fallout, instead of reacting after the fact.

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