Facebook Enforces Stringent Rules to Thwart Circulation of Fake News Ahead Indian Election

Facebook has enforced strict rules and regulations for political advertisements in India. This endeavor is made to pose more transparency through the social media political campaigns ahead of the upcoming general election in May.

This giant social networking site has confirmed that each political advertisement will come with appropriate disclaimers. The users can see clauses such as ‘published by’ or ‘paid by’ for a better comprehension of the advertisers. A few weeks back Facebook declared that they may introduce a set of new political advertising rules to control malicious interference on the Indian election.

India alone boasts 217 million Facebook users. Thus, it has become one of the most suitable digital platforms to carry out political campaigns. The smart move by Facebook was mandatory as it will now help the mass to understand the disparity in campaigns if any.

With such transparencies, people will have relevant information about the publishers, sponsors etc. Moreover, the users will also have access to a searchable ad library. Here, they can fetch more insights about various political advertisements, including their impression and demographics.

This is indeed a big step to incorporate maximum authenticity in each campaign. Last year, December, the company asked the advertisers to verify their identities and locations prior to running any sort of political ads. As per the report suggests, people completing the authorization process will be able to run their campaigns successfully from Feb 21, 2019.

No ads will be entertained on the feed that lacks proper disclaimer. Moreover, the users will also have access to report against the ones who will violate the policies. This is perhaps a constructive attempt to mitigate the circulation of fake news before the election. The company is all geared up to roll out its election integrity attempts in India to whitewash its image owing to the much-debated scandal Cambridge Analytica last year.

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