Facebook Employees Caught In the Act of Leaving 5 Star Reviews for Portal on Amazon

Many of you might not be well-aware of the fact that Facebook Portal was created so that users could make video calls, although it’s available on Facebook’s Messenger app. However, the Portal is basically is a set of gadgets or better be called screens that can be used for making video calls, or listening to music, and even answering to voice commands for carrying out tasks that can be carried out on phones.

However, Facebook’s smart Portal displays faced a difficult struggle, in order to reassure people to voluntarily give the infamous social media company blamed of security-lax another approach into their homes. After some time, it was seen that people were pretty happy with the Portals. In fact, Facebook’s Portal or the video chat device received a high rating on Amazon and it received 4 and 5 stars. The truth of the matter is that Facebook employees were caught in the act of posting 5 start reviews for their own product on Amazon. This act was spotted by none other than tech columnist Kevin Roose. Kevin found that most of the reviews posted for Portal were given by people which bear a same coincidence as Facebook employees.

In a tweet, Kevin wrote that talking about harmonized counterfeit behavior, the likelihood of all 5-star Facebook Portal reviewers on Amazon happens to have the same names as Facebook employees. In a further follow-up tweet Kevin stated that giving a review for one’s employer’s products is against the rule of Amazon.

Facebook executive Boz Bosworth even confirmed that the reviewers are indeed employees of Facebook. However, he doesn’t support the behavior. He even stated that the reviews were not harmonized nor supervised by the company, when the Portal was launched. In fact, it pressed people not to give reviews for their products that are sold on Amazon. Moreover, it would ask their employees to remove their reviews.

All three reviews in question are listed as “Verified Purchases,” which means that Amazon’s system has accepted that the products were bought from Amazon. Depending on Boz’s comments, it appears that the Facebook employees who bought the gadgets were really happy with the Portal devices and wanted to share the news with the world without any corporate encouragement.

Facebook is a vast company with thousands of employees, and even with internal communications, it’s easy to see how a few employees weren’t aware of the request of not posting reviews.

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