Facebook to Create an Independent Oversight Group for Reviewing Appeals of Content Moderation

Facebook will create an independent oversight body so that they can arbitrate appeals on the issues of content moderation. The CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, said that the oversight body will be created in the coming year and it will also attempt to balance an effort for the expansion of the right to free speech with the need to keep people safe all over the world.
He said, he believes that creation of an independent oversight body is very much important and there are more than one reasons for that. He also stated that the first and the main reason for the development is it will be able to prevent the concentration of taking too-much decision within the teams. Secondly, it will also help to create oversight and accountability. Another important point for the creation is that it will be assured that the decision which are being taken by the body are made in the best interests of the community and it is not for commercial purpose or reasons.
The announcement about the oversight body that will be created by the Facebook was made by the CEO was made after some months of the announcement that was made by him about the need of a podcast for them to pass judgment against some of the important decisions about content moderation. One of the primary ideas about the matter was to be able to adapt decisions in a better way according to the local norms and laws about speech, though they vary in different places around the world.
Although, much detail about the independent body are still inadequate to talk about it, but the primary goal of the company is to have establish the body by the end of the year 2013.

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