Facebook Comes Up With a New Feature That Would Allow To Share Events

Facebook which used to be the most popular social media platform has been hit hard by a number of allegations and scandals. Scandals related to data privacy, fake news, and misinformation has troubled Facebook to a great extent. As its reputation has been hit hard, it is trying hard to win back the faith of its customers by coming up with new features. This move has been taken so that young users don’t leave their platform and join another popular social media platform Instagram.
Even after the reputation has been hit hard, Facebook has kept one of its key features integral to the platform. The ‘Event’ feature has remained crucial for Facebook. After all, it would allow one to make a calendar of social events, concerts, birthdays, and real world meet-ups. Moreover, businesses and event organizers still largely consider Facebook as the leading platform for promotion.
Facebook would be switching to Events as the next stop for its Stories product. A company spokesperson stated that it is planning to start testing a step in order to share the events a user might be interested in and connect with their friends through the help of Stories. The test will be held in the US, Brazil, and Mexico and it would be available on both iOS and Android devices.
Unlike the standard Stories feature that Facebook originally copied from Snapchat for use on Instagram so that it can become very popular. This specific application is outlined in order to share the details of an event with friends. It would allow one to check who might be interested for the upcoming show or some other program that also has an equivalent event page. The stories would be coming with clickable stickers for disclosing event details, and friends can pin themselves as either “Interested” or “Going” to the event right from within the story. Also there would be a link to the event page that would be present and one would be able to start a group chat on Messenger with friends who responds to the event.

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