Facebook Bans UK’s Biggest Organizations and Leaders under the tag “dangerous”

Facebook has permanently banned the biggest far-right organizations and leaders of the United Kingdom from using its network. It has classified these banned leaders and organizations as “dangerous individuals and organizations. This ban includes some of the major far-right organizations as well as leaders of the United Kingdom including the British National Party, Britain First, an English Defence League.

Twelve other individuals were also removed from the site permanently some of them include the former chairman of BNP Nick Griffin, the leader Paul Golding and also the former deputy leader of Britain First Jayda Fransen.

In a statement, the social network said that the individuals and the organizations that spread hate or call or attack the exclusion of the others based on who they were would not be having any place in Facebook. It also said that under this new policy the organization banned those who proclaimed a violent mission or were engaged in acts of violence or hate. Those who have been banned would no longer be allowed on Facebook or Instagram.

In the month of March, Facebook had also announced of removing all the contents related to white nationalist and white separatists. Facebook said that these contents made it clear that they were deeply linked with the organized hate groups and hence did not deserve to be part of their services.

The UK politicians have however welcomed the move saying that the ban was long been pending as it was a long time since the social media companies had been facilitating the contents related to hatred and extremism and profiting from it as well. Therefore, such a ban was absolutely necessary.

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