What to Expect at the October Hardware Event of Apple?

Apple might have announced a whole new range of hardware in September. However, the Cupertino Company is not done yet. Apple is going to hold a second event on 30th October, Tuesday. Here, they are planning to announce an updated MacBook Air, new iPad Pros, and many more.
Here is everything that you will be seeing.

New iPad Pros
The main star of the event is expected to be the new iPad Pros that are getting overhauled by the new design. It is the iPad equal to jump Apple which has been made with iPhone X only last year.
The new iPad Pros are going to have new screen that is edge-to-edge like the newest iPhones of Apple. They have removed the touch ID sensor or the home button in favor of the swiping gesture for the purpose of navigation and also the face ID scanner. Moreover, Apple is going to switch over from the proprietary Lighting port to the USB-C. This is a step that is going to enable the new iPad Pros to share accessories and charges with Apple laptop.
Apart from this bigger hardware changes, Apple is also expected to work on the internal hardware on these new iPad Pros. They will upgrade the processor to a new variant of Apple that has been released recently, A12 Bionic chipset. It is going to be the first company that is adding the custom Apple graphics chip.

A MacBook Air Successor
Apple has not updated the MacBook Air since the year 2015. This leaves fans of the ultra-lightweight MacBook to still be in agony as Apple seems to lavish the attention on the new 12-inch MacBook along with the updated MacBook Pro laptops. However, that is going to change at this event with the announcement of the new MacBook Air.

Return of MacMini
Even MacBook Air has not gone as long without the update like Mac mini that saw the new mode on 16th October, 2014. However, Apple is expected to offer its fan a new model of Mac Mini at the event.


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