Everything You Need To Know About Nintendo Switch Lite

The Switch Lite, the newly announced spinoff of the full-sized Switch console — doesn’t literally “switch.” In place of the detachable controllers and TV dock that permits the standard Switch to shape-shift between a TV console, portable gamepad, and a mobile multiplayer machine, the Switch Lite has a much narrower focus on just one of those experiences — but that’s not a bad thing. Instead, it shows that the Switch’s audience and appeal extend to a different market than what the full-sized version currently serves.

In the wake of the Swiitch Lite’s proclamation, there has been a lot of debate over whether the Switch’s utopianism towards play-anywhere multiplayer failed or if people weren’t using it on their TV. Till Nintendo decides to clear the air, that’s not the problem the Switch Lite is going to solve.

Nintendo won’t be selling it to existing Switch owners to substitute their current consoles and the modular features aren’t actually the market for the Switch Lite anyway.

Those who already own a Switch, you’re not the target market for a Switch Lite in the same manner that the iPod touch wasn’t designed to sell to iPhone owners. However, the Switch Lite would still play Zelda and Mario and Pokémon and Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing and nearly every other Switch game just as well and in a way that makes it more accessible and enticing to those who aren’t already on board.

In case, you don’t need that functionality, one doesn’t need to play a lot of games on a TV, or on any real gameplay features. Well, there’s the Switch Lite. Nintendo is wagering that there are plenty of players who fit in this category, players who don’t already own a regular Switch that Nintendo would dearly love to have as customers.

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