As the Entire Internet Is Upset with Sonic’s live-Action, the Studio is changing it

Most people winced at the sight of perturb, lanky CGI version of Sonic the Hedgehog when Paramount released its first trailer for the forthcoming live-action film — and the studio has listened to the complaint.

Director Jeff Fowler tweeted about the retaliation, reassuring upset fans everywhere that their disapproval has been heard loud and clear. Fowler affirmed that changes would be made to the design of Sonic’s character. In fact, everyone at Paramount & Sega is fully dedicated to make this character the very best as it can be.

Since the first trailer was released, many fan edits took several rounds on Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit, with the drawings sharpening on many horrifying features of Sonic’s newfound body. Ghastly human teeth to his odd buffy legs and small feet are very horrifying. The film version of the speedy video game doesn’t have any resemblance with the character that one knows. Even the designer of original Sonic the Hedgehog character presented his thoughts to the debate on Twitter.

He tweeted that till date, various Sonics have appeared. He loved all Sonics. He has seen the trailer of Sonic’s movie and was anticipating that adults would have fun. However, he is worried after the backlash. In fact, Ohsima understands that the fervid reaction to Sonic’s redesigning comes from a place of love for the character.

It doesn’t help that Sonic’s new design arrives just as Warner Bros. is receiving compliment for the lovable iteration of The Pokémon Company’s beloved character, Pikachu, in Detective Pikachu. Hopefully, the new design for Sonic is just round the corner and might involve fewer teeth. Fowler didn’t mention whether the judgment to alter the entire look of the character, which isn’t possibly an easy task, would delay the film’s release.

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