England United Pakistan and Indian Cricket Fans in This World Cup

Former English Skipper Nasser Hussain and presently a commentator is inquisitive about who Pakistan fans would be supporting during India and England’s match scheduled on 30th June. The response he received to his tweet isn’t a bit of surprise at all.

India and Pakistan, the arch-rivals have put their rivalries on pause for a greater cause, i.e. to wipe out the hosts England from their home ground and more likely from the showpiece tournament in order to meet each other during the semi-finals or perhaps for the big finale.

After coming under harsh criticism for their poor performance and “brainless captaincy” against India, Pakistan has risen from the ashes and showed what Sarfaraz Ahmed’s team might be capable of. First, the Men in Green sent Faf’s South Africa packing from the cricket tournament. It was then ensued by breaking New Zealand’s winning streak and handing the Black Caps their first defeat of the World Cup by six wickets.

With Pakistan’s victory, the tables have turned. Simply, Pakistan’s win has placed England in a risky territory of 8 points, just a whiff ahead of Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka sitting with 7,7, 6 points respectively and anxiously waiting to take England’s 4th slot. The worst part is that, England’s remaining matches are against New Zealand and India.

Realizing that the tournament is now open for teams who are in the bottom half of the points table and no more a “predictable” and “one-sided” World Cup, Indian fans came out and showed full support towards Pakistan for beating the BlackCaps on Wednesday. Present moment, it’s time for the fans from the other side of the border to respond.

On Thursday, a curious tweet from Nasser Hussain cleared the air when the Men in Green announced that it would be Virat Kohli & Co. whom they would be cheering for when they lock horns against England on Sunday.

Well, England being the reason for India and Pakistan’s unity is a vision to behold.

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