Elon Musk Rejects Claims That Moving to Mars Is an Escape Plan for Rich People

Elon Musk has denied claims that human being moving to Mars is an escape plan for the rich people. While giving an interview, Elon Musk along with the founder of Space X stated that he was deliberating on moving to Mars, although there is an increasing risk of dying.

Mars plan of Elon Musk is not anymore a secret thing. In 2017, September, the 47 year old billionaire disclosed his aspiring plan to go to Mars by 2022 and preparing for a Human crew in 2024. During his latest interview, Mark stated that human trips to Mars would be made possible within seven years time frame. However, tickets to Mars won’t be cheap and it would cost around couple hundred thousand dollars.

However, Musk opposed the statement that Mars trip to be considered as an exit plan for the rich people living on Earth. He stated that there is a vast chance of facing death when going through deep space. He even echoed that Mar’s trip shouldn’t be considered as an amusement ride, as passengers would need to go through a lot of hard work. He added that once the passengers land on Mars, they will need to work on a constant basis in order to build the base and the new colony. Going by the harsh environment, increases the chance of facing death. Even there is no surety if one can come back to Earth. Hence, it’s not an escape plan for the influential people.

Musk earlier stated that his company has plans to touch the soil of the red planet with Space X’s Big Falcon Rocket (BFR), also known as SpaceX’s Starship. He is hopeful that the spacecraft will help to transport people to Mars.

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