Electronic Band Prodigy’s Frontman, Keith Flint Dies

Keith Flint, lead singer of prominent British electronic music band, The Prodigy, was found dead on Monday at his home in Essex, a county between London and the North Sea. He died at the age of 49. The band released a statement confirming the news.

Keith, vocalist of The Prodigy was the person to create a sybaritic spirit of the 1990s British rave culture. In fact, he was the stage face of the band, whose hits like “Firestarter” and “Breathe” blended techno, breakbeat and acid house music. As the known face of British electronic rave music, he often performed random dance moves often with bizarre haircuts, sometimes spiked into two horns with heavy makeup around the eyes.

The band became famous after selling 30 million records and taking rave music from a parochial community of party-goers and bringing it for the international audience. The band in its statement defined Keith as a true pioneer, innovator, and a true legend. The other members of the band are in extreme shock after learning about his death.

Keith Charles Flint was born on 17th September 1969 in east London. He then moved to Braintree, Essex when he was a child, where he met co-founder Liam Howlett of the band at a nightclub.
The band was known as much for their apparent anti-establishment attitude as much for their music. They were vocal critics of the UK’s Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, which outlawed the raves that were popularized in the late-1980s during the so-called Second Summer of Love.

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