Driverless Cars to Be Tested on Californian Roads

Fully autonomous cars will be tested on the general roads of California without any safety drivers. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for the state announced this today along with permission some guidelines for the companies who are making such cards which won’t need humans behind the steering wheel.
Jean Shiomoto who is the director of DMV said that such a huge step in California will be benefiting to the self-reliant technology. To this he added, for the driverless vehicles safety should be the top priority for the manufacturers. The DMV at California revised the guidelines for autonomous technology last year. In the revised rules there were provisions related to steering less autonomous cars without mirrors, foot pedals and human drivers. The testing of such vehicles will start on 2018.
The permits for fully automatic vehicles to go for testing on the roads were approved by the state’s Office of administrative Law today. DMV’s website will be putting up a public notice on 2nd March stating the permit for automatic vehicles for 30days. There will be three kinds of permits namely testing without a drive, with a driver and deployment. Almost 1,000 drivers have got their license for driverless testing.
The revised rules for autonomous testing are carefully followed by companies like Uber, Waymo and General Motors. These companies are developing automatic vehicles for public. The officials said that DMV has granted license to nearly 50 companies to test 300 vehicles.
The Congress is presently under a dilemma as to whether allow the companies to make cars without the traditional parts like the steering wheel or pedals. The bill which has been proposed at the Senate is stalled at the present because the states would make laws according to their usage policy for autonomous vehicles and this would dismantle the present established system of California.


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