Diversification Witnessed in Hollywood due to ‘Inclusion Riders’

The insiders of the industry have said that, the next bunch of movies and show that Hollywood will be coming up with, will reveal diversification. The actors have started to demand equal pay and opportunity for all. Many of the actors have stressed upon the inclusion rider clause to be added to their contact in return to their participation in their projects.
The phrase called ‘inclusion rider’ was brought to limelight through the acceptance speech by Frances McDormand who won the Best Actress Award this year at the Oscars. Star of the blockbuster movie Black Panther, Michael B Jordan has announced that his production company named Outlier Society would include this initiative shortly. Jordan in a statement said that he has been privileged to work with powerful women and people of different races in his career. The mission for his company Outlier would be to promote and nurture new talent globally.
Stacy Smith, from University of Southern California’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative coined the term ‘inclusion rider’ in 2016. The initiative named inclusion rider is spreading worldwide and the talent acquisition companies are seeing a change, they never noticed before.
Some people have criticized the idea behind inclusion rider and compared it to quota system. Others who believe in it, says that such a clause will change the casting system and a real change will be seen on the screens.An actor at the US drama series, Arron Lloyd said that, the success of Black Panther has led to the understanding that even, actors with complexion other than white has value. He also added there is an additional pressure of equal pay and transparency in the industry.
The President of KPA multicultural talent management group, Karen Riposo already believes that change is taking place in the industry. The President also added that inclusion riders will increase their opportunity compared to the opportunities they had in the last 18 years. Karen said that female dominated shows will flood the television. Back in the old days, there were only few opportunities for Latinos, but now there are several opportunities for African, Americans, Latinos and Indians every single day.


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