Different Annoying Ways Used by Google to Force Users onto Google+

Google has announced plans of shutting down the Google+ consumer version after they had disclosed previously the security flaws which were brought to light. Google+ was launched in June 2011 and was the most ambitious attempt by Google to create a social networking platform. It has gained millions of users but with the slow usage, Google+ has wedged into countless of services, forcing people to join and also use the network whether they want it or not.
It never really took off and in the year 2015, the company says that it plans on dropping Google+ as the requisite across its products. Even today Google accepts that Google+ has a low user engagement and majority of the Google+ user sessions last for less than 5 seconds. However, there had been a time when Google wanted to improve by developing Google+ into things it could. But the social networking is not being able to survive.
Here are some ways Google tried forcing people to use Google+.
This is one of the popular examples people had been forced to use Google+. In the year2013, YouTube has announced that it will need to use the Google+ account if someone has to leave comments on the platform.
In late 2011, Google has changed process of sign-up for Gmail which makes it almost impossible to register the Google account without even opening the profile. The new sign up process didn’t offer the skip option.
Google Maps
Google has launched the local app in the year 2012 that the integrated photos and reviews from Google+ friends onto the business page directly. This was for pushing the Google+ platform.
Google have used Google+ for personalizing the search with the integration known as Search Plus the World in the year 2012. The feature has lent the social context to the search result. Hence, if you are logged into the account of Google+, the post and photos from your account and people from the circles will be injected into the results.


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