Details and Possible Release Date of Joker Solo Film Gets Disclosed

The Joker origin movie has officially got its green signal from Warner Bros. It has been assumed that the Joker movie is stated to release in 2019. However, Warner Bros studio hasn’t confirmed a release date from their end.
For the last few years, fans haven’t been able to track the movie strategy taken up by Warner Bros and DCEU. It has been seen that Warner Bros aims to diversify from the superhero saga by launching a range of ‘Elsewords’ style movies that don’t have any connection with the DC Extended Universe. The Joker movie is going to stand apart from other comic book superhero movies.
It has been reported that Joaquin Phoneix is in talks with the production house for the role of the Joker. Last month, it was reported that the project’s budget is around $55 million. The budget is undoubtedly lower than the other superhero blockbusters. It is also being said that the filming of the movie would start in September this year in New York.
The rumor is true up to a great extent with Joaquin finalizing the deal to play the role of Joke. Warner Bros has confirmed Todd Phillips has been signed as the director for the film. Todd co-writes script with Scott Silver.
The studio highlighted that the movie is going to be darker in tone and content. The studio mentioned that the film is going to be about the expedition of a man who is overlooked by the society. The character is going to be very grainy one. When it comes to the mysterious Joker movie, details of the character are insufficient as the back story of Joker has never been disclosed in the comics.
Warner Bros is expected to reveal further details about the movie during Comic-Con at San Diego. Apart from focusing on Aquaman, it is expected that Warner Bros will pay attention to superhero films which are in pipeline.


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