Delectable Mango Recipes to Rejoice This Summer

Summer is one season of the year that brings along with it sweltering heat and sweat. Most of people don’t love this season, but it’s also the season which permits one to enjoy the goodness of sweet and perfectly ripe mangoes.

Mango lovers are always ready to explore the taste of mangoes and enjoy it in various form, be it deserts or shakes, or in the form of curry or chutney. If you are a mango lover, who can’t get over the love of mangoes, here are some all-time favourite mango recipes that you should try definitely.

Spicy Mexican Mango Salad
If you want to try out this dish, you will need to make a mixture of olive oil, seasoning, garlic cloves and chili flakes, Brush evenly over the corn cob. By preheating a barbecue grill plate over medium-high heat, corn cob needs to be placed and cooked. It needs to be turned from time to time, for about 10 minutes. After taking it out it needs to be placed on a plate to cool down for 5 minutes. Then cut the corn kernels from cobs. Then the corn, beans, tomatoes and peppers should be mixed in a large serving bowl. The diced mangoes should be added to the bowl with coriander and chili. The corn mixture should be added and drizzled with lime juice, mustard and olive oil. It needs to be seasoned with chopped jalapeno and coriander. You can serve it with corn chips.

Mango Jalapeno Cooler
To make this refreshing cooler, you will need food processor. You will have to add cubed mango, one small slice of jalapeno, mango juice, sugar, lemon juice and blend it in order to form a smooth, thin puree. Then you will need to transfer it to a container and add soda and crushed ice, and give it a good stir. Chill the drink in refrigerator before serving.

These are some recipes; you should definitely try out. After all, nothing can beat the summer season when the question of mouth-watering mangoes comes. You are bound to fall in love with this Tropical Fruit.

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