DCEU’s Aquaman Is the First Movie to Have Earned 1 Billion Dollar at the Box Office

It might not be surprising to hear that DCEU’s Aquaman has reached the $1 billion mark globally. This data proves that Aquaman is not only the King of the Seven Seas but also of the Box Office. Moreover, it became the first film from the Warner Bros and DC Extended Universe franchise to create such a landmark.
Before Aquaman was premiered, many people were apprehensive of it. Even industry experts repudiated about receiving any financial turnover from the movie. Presently, the movie’s international earning is at $1.02 billion, as per reports. It has been also reported that the movie domestically earned $17.26 million; whereas it earned $27.9 million internationally over the weekend. In China also, the movie earned around $287.3 million.
While Aquaman might be the first movie from the informally named-DC Extended Universe to earn a billion dollars, but it’s not the first-ever feature from DC Comics to do so. The Dark Knight from 2008 and 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises both have surpassed $1 billion.
However, The Dark Knight Rises, still remains in the lead of Aquaman with revenue of $1.0849 billion. The film was released in 2012, a year before the DC Extended Universe started in 2013 with the movie Man of Steel.
However, for Jason Momoa’s Aquaman there’s still one more nation to conquer. It’s because until 8th February the movie won’t be releasing in Japan.
It can be said that the movie outpaced all assumptions by conservatives for its commercial grosses, both in terms of domestically and internationally. No one could have forecasted even few years back that the new age of DC cinema would be commercially defined not by Batman or Superman but Wonder Woman and Aquaman. It’s going to be the norm.
However, the movie Aquaman fell out of from the top spot at the weekend box office for the first time after staying at the top-spot for four weeks of release. It lost its top place to Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston’s new comedy-drama, The Upside.

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