Cyber-attack during the Opening Ceremony of Winter Olympics 2018

During the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics, the official site was hit by a cyber-attack. The news of the attack was confirmed by the officials of the game committee to various media outlets on Sunday evening. Mark Adams, the spokesperson of international Olympic Committee told the different channels that maintaining cyber security is the purpose of the games committee, in addition to this the security officials are making sure that the systems are secured with high end security domains. When the news agency asked the Olympic organizers that whether they knew what the source of the attack was, Adams the spokesperson of the committee told that they have no clue about the hackers.
According to the reports by BBC, after the cyber-attack the Games’s official website was taken down and it went offline. Due to this attack the television and internet services were also hampered. As reported by Reuters, the spokesperson of the Pyeongchang organizing committee Mr Sung Bai-you said that they don’t know the cause of the problem, but this kind of problems occur frequently during the Games. After discussing with IOC, the Games committee decided not to reveal the sources of the attack. A security intelligence and security group namely Cisco’s Talos posted in a social platform that it has identified the malware that was used for the attack. The aim of the attack was to disrupt the proceedings of the Games and not to extract information.


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