CWC 2019: India vs New Zealand Match Gets Called Off Due To Rain, Fans Raise Questions to ICC

Unalarmed at the prospect of no play at all staring them at their face, around 15000 spectators, most of them Indian supporters turned up at Trent Bridge for Thursday’s match. However, the India- New Zealand match became the third match that got called off without a ball being bowled in this World Cup tournament. In fact, the matches witnessed complete washouts and in one match barely eight overs were bowled.

Matches being called off due to rain shows complete lack of preparation on the part of organizers. The supporters became very excited every time the covers guarding the square were removed and Marais Erasmus and Paul Reiffel made hourly visits to the ground to examine the underfoot conditions. Apart from fans, stakeholders are also furious on the organizers. They are angry why organizers don’t have alternate venues during rains. Shareholders are annoyed with the tournament’s scheduling at the start of June and not later. They are even enraged with the fact that organizers haven’t invested in full ground covers for the World Cup.

One major shareholder in this World Cup stated that Trent Bridge has got great hovercraft. The squares are covered. They have a great drainage system. However, why they don’t have full ground covers is not understandable? He became angry that the India-New Zealand match couldn’t stand.
On Thursday, in Nottingham, it did not rain continuously and a shortened match was possible. However, it had to be called off due to a wet outfield. As it rained for 48 hours and continued till the match day, the outfield could not dry up in time. Lack of full ground cover at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground resulted in to abandoning the match.

The England Cricket Board (ECB) has not been short of funds. The fund they have received is three times higher than what India got hosting the 2016 World T20. So there is a huge questions why the England and Wales Cricket Board couldn’t get themselves one.

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