The CW Didn’t Renew Its Deal with Netflix; Does That Bring Riverdale to an End?

Most of the CW’s original series found a new group of audiences through its long-term streaming agreement with Netflix. However, the deal is soon coming to an end.

Netflix’s pact with the CW’s parent companies, Warner Bros. and CBS, assured that popular CW series, such as Riverdale, The Flash, Supernatural, and Arrow naturally ended up on Netflix after a season’s initial run on network television. The deal was first endorsed in 2011 and renewed in 2016, but the network isn’t planning to re-up it when the contract ends this spring. This means that new shows, like Batwoman, Nancy Drew, and Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene won’t naturally end up on Netflix.

According to sources; however, many favorite CW series would remain on Netflix, Netflix would continue receiving new seasons of shows that are already present on their streaming service, such as Riverdale, Flash, and Dynasty. Moreover, any CW shows that were premiered through this most recent 2018 / 2019 season would remain on Netflix during the entire time, meaning nothing would be leaving the service either.

As the streaming wars start to quaff along and networks start to pull their deals with the company, Netflix executives are not interested in complete output deals like the one they had with The CW. Rather, more focus would be given on grasping certain series that are useful to Netflix subscribers. Still, series like Katy Keene or Nancy Drew might end up on Netflix based on licensing and bidding.

Mostly, these aren’t guaranteed to end up as exclusives on WarnerMedia’s forthcoming streaming service starting this year. They also aren’t likely to finish exclusively on CBS’s traditional standalone streaming service, CBS All Access. Nancy Drew and Katy Keene might end up on Netflix, but the network would now have to bid on the streaming rights to the series close to other potentially interested candidates rather of receiving them automatically.

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