Cricket World Cup 2019: India vs Pakistan’s Match Is Going to Be the Biggest Game in This World Cup

There are plenty of high-expected matches in the ICC World Cup 2019. However, nothing can beat the anticipation for the upcoming match between India vs Pakistan, which is scheduled to be played on Sunday at Old Trafford. History shows that whenever these two sides meet, it’s always more than a contest between bat and ball. It always heads to epic rivalry that dates back to Partition in 1947. It’s a rivalry that is regularly interrupted by war. No cricket has been played between the two nations from 1961 until 1978.

In February 2019, an increased level of violence between the two countries led to fears around their flagship World Cup showdown at Old Trafford, Manchester, on June 16, Sunday.

Following the Pulwama attack, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) circulated a statement in which it requested “the cricketing community to cut ties with nations from which terrorism origins. Cricket, within a bigger context, might seem relatively trivial matter, it has become a uniting vehicle; a tangible context within which there is a chance to diminish the fierce tension.

In case, this clash is the biggest in the world sport looks eccentric, them a huge number of people are going to witness the clash of the titans.

So India vs Pakistan’s match is regarded as one of the biggest games of sport in the world. In terms of viewership, no other games could have the same level of impact that an India vs Pakistan match does.

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