A Compound Found In Chili Peppers Can Help To Slow Down Cancer Cells Progression

People usually share a love-hate relationship with chilis. However, in the world of health and nutrition, it has become a hot topic. Chilies apart from increasing the spice quotient of any food, it has been found that it has got great medicinal value. According to a finding from the latest study, it has been discovered that a compound found in chilies can help in curtailing the spread of cancer cells. In case the studies turn to be true, the active ingredient which is found in the chili peppers can greatly reduce the growth of tumour cells, especially lung cancer. This new study might make it easy for a novel treatment against the deadly disease.

Studies have shown that most cancer-related deaths happen when cancer cells starts to spread further, a process known as metastasis. The scientists stated that lung cancer and other forms of cancer basically metastasize to secondary locations, such as the brain, liver or bone that makes it very difficult to treat. Jamie Friedman, a doctoral candidate who conducted the research at Marshall University in the US stated that their study hints at the fact that the natural compound capsaicin from chili peppers could constitute an unusual therapy to fight metastasis in lung cancer patients.
For the study, the scientists examined three lines of cultured human non-small cell lung cancer cells, researchers found that capsaicin hindered invasion that happens to be the first step of the metastatic process.

According to the study, it was seen that mice with metastatic cancer took capsaicin and showed smaller areas of metastatic cancer cells in the lung compared with mice not receiving the treatment. In fact, the capsaicin suppresses lung cancer metastasis by slowing the activation of the protein Src. This protein plays a crucial role in motioning that controls cellular processes like proliferation, adhesion, differentiation, and motility.
The findings were submitted during the 2019 Experimental Biology meeting being held from 6-9 April in Orlando, Florida.

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