Co Founder of Vine and Trivia Colin Kroll Died Due To an Apparent Drug Overdose

According to some sources, co-founder of HQ Trivia and Vine, Colin Kroll, was found dead in his New York apartment. He was 35 years of age. Sources reported that Kroll’s body was discovered when his girlfriend not able to reach him. It has been reported that close to his body, drug paraphernalia was found. The police department stated that an investigation was going on. Hence, it is being suspected that he might have died because of drug overdose.

Colin Kroll was a part of the team who set-up the short-form video platform Vine. The platform was founded in the year 2012. Later on, the platform was acquired by Twitter. Kroll served as the General Manager and CTO till 2014. In that same year, Kroll took over the duties of Twitter’s co-founder Dom Hofmann temporarily when the latter left Twitter. However, Kroll was later fired.

Kroll along with Hoffman started the HQ Trivia that was started last year and it became viral. However, as the company faced some financial crunch at the end of last year. It has been reported that undertaking capitalist firms were skeptical of spending in the company, after there were reports of Kroll’s behavior started to appear on Twitter. Most of the reports quoted about the unsuitable behavior towards women.

Recently, HQ Trivia was facing a diminishing user-base, apart from complaints related to Kroll’s behavior. Even grievances against Kroll’s workplace behavior were raised and taken to the company’s board of directors, before Kroll was promoted to the post of CEO during this summer. However, the company stated that the probe yielded no agitation. Rather, it has working to provide various offerings.

HQ co-founder Rus Yusupov via a tweet confirmed the news of Kroll’s death. HQ Trivia also released a brief statement that they came to know about the passing of friend and co-founder, Kroll. It is highly sad news for the entire team and it wants to express their condolence to Kroll’s family.

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