CIA Has Launched Its Official Instagram Account

On Thursday, the US’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has started its very own Instagram account, verification badge and all.

The launch of the Instagram account wasn’t a surprise, going by the fact that CIA Director Gina Haspel proclaimed last week that the intelligence agency would start building out a presence on the photo-sharing platform during a discussion at Auburn University in Alabama. The CIA already has a great number of followers on other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. However, it hadn’t made its move to Instagram till Thursday.


CIA spokesperson Chelsea Robinson told reporters that by joining the photo-sharing social platform Instagram, CIA is going to share stories and hire talented Americans who can be a part of the CIA team.

In a separate statement Instagram confirmed the news and stated that it helped the CIA to start the account. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter are helping legislators, congressional committees, and even intelligence and law enforcement agencies in setting up their accounts.
The agency’s first photo is an Agency officer’s desk that is crowded with house plants, stationery, and inspirational quotes.

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