Chromecasts would Be Supporting Multiroom Music Playback

Are you already using Google Chromecasts? If yes, you must be already acquainted with this gadget. However, now there is a bit of good news for you. Now, you would be able to use Chromecasts for playing music in synchronization across numerous rooms as well as devices.
According to latest update, now Chromecasts can be included to speaker groups. This feature would come handy to those who want to merge numerous Google Cast reconcilable devices for synchronous audio streaming.
On earlier occasions, speaker groups could only be paired only with audio devices, i.e. one couldn’t add the standard Chromecast device to the speaker category.
However, Google back in the month of October disclosed that it was coming with support for speaker groups which meant that it would be also applicable for Chromecast device. Hence, it was a matter of time, till the feature was rolled out.
This attribute now seems to be accessible for users who had signed up for Google’s preview program. This feature is going to work on all groups of Chromecast. XDA Developers announced that those who did not see the option were available can opt for it simply by rebooting the device multiple number of times. When allotting to the speaker group, the Chromecast would display the song details in the bottom left corner of the screen, over background pictures.
If you are looking forward to add Chromecast to a speaker group, you would need to allow the preview program present within the Google Home app under the Settings menu of your Chromecast.
Well, with this feature, a huge number of people would be able to have multi-room audio capabilities.

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