Breakfast or No Breakfast? That is the Question!

Of all the meals in a day, the breakfast is probably the trickiest to master. After all, there is a lot of contradictory news and tips floating around these days. Conventional wisdom says that a big breakfast is a healthy one. However, recent trends are more about consuming less and, in some cases, even skipping them altogether.

So, what is the right choice?

The Results of Studies

Most studies show that skipping breakfast can lead to increased risk for obesity and a variety of health issues. However, those studies are not necessarily correct or trustworthy.

In fact, back in 2013, researchers decided to analyze 58 studies about the links between breakfast and obesity. They discovered that the results of those studies lacked scientific evidence in many cases. In a few cases, they were even biased.

The researchers also pointed out the fact that there is actually a dearth of reliable studies on this topic. Whatever few reliable studies are there, they simply show that skipping breakfast has a negligible effect on weight loss or gain. In short, the link between breakfast and obesity has to be conclusively established.

What to Do?

Since skipping breakfast has a negligee effect on your weight loss program, it is ultimately up to you to decide what you want. Follow your hunger. Don’t force yourself to eat a large breakfast if you are not hungry. You can skip it instead. Forcing yourself to consume more food will only result in weight gain in the longer run. In the same way, staying hungry will have a negative effect on your health.

In short, decide if you are hungry or not and eat your breakfast accordingly.


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