Billions of Stars Which Includes the Sun Would Turn Into an Enormous Crystal

According to a new research, in their old age, white dwarfs will cool down and would become super-heavy crystals. The same fate can be faced by our Sun. The sun will ultimately cool down and after becoming a big crystal will start to float through space. It’s not taken from a baffling science fiction plot, but it’s rather an upshot of a scientific research that has been published in the journal Nature.
One might have heard that billions of years later the sun will bulge to a greedy red giant that will ultimately swallow Earth. However, even after the Earth comes to an end, the Sun will reduce to a cool white dwarf star. After that, it will gradually solidify into a huge white crystal.
Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay from the University of Warwick’s Department of Physics in the UK in a statement stated that all white dwarfs would harden at some point of their growth, even though the gigantic white dwarfs would be going through the same process later on. This indicates that billions of white dwarfs present within the galaxy have already gone through this process and area basically crystal spheres in the sky. Within 10 billion years time, even the Sun would become a crystal white dwarf.
A team of astronomers headed by Tremblay evaluated the observations of 15,000 potential white dwarf stars which are within 300 light-years of Earth. The study was made by the European Space Agency’s satellite Gaia. The work confirmed earlier forecast that such an inventory of white dwarf stars would disclose a number in the slow process of turning from what is basically a liquid form to a solid state. Well, death can be amazing, especially for the stars and other cosmic things.

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