Biggest Announcements from Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference

Facebook at its F8 annual developer conference in San Jose, California, announced of some crucial changes that it’s planning to implement. Last year, Facebook was plagued with controversies, such as Facebook invading the privacy of user’s and inspiring social divisions. However, in the opening keynote speech, CEO Mark Zuckerberg stressed on ‘privacy focused future’. In order to gain back the trust of the users, the company made their point clear that they are planning to make the social media platform lot safer.

The conference provided a lot of updates that one can expect from the social media giant. Here are some of the big announcements from Facebook’s F8 conference 2019.

Facebook Messenger Would Focus on Close Friends

It’s getting a revamp in total.  For iOS it’s being redesigned so that it takes less space. The new version would be less than 30 MB. It would help to stay in touch with friends.

Instagram Is Going To Have New Camera Features and Less Prominent Likes

Instagram is currently testing the way hides can be hidden. Also, a ‘Create Mode’ has been added that would make it easy to share content apart from traditional photos.

Facebook Going to Be Redesigned

The NewsFeed is minimizing the News Feed and its going to highlight groups and events. It would be creating a noteworthy groups tab and personalized feed from the groups that one has joined.

Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest Would Be Launched Next Month

The two new headsets is going replace external tracking cameras with a user-friendly inside-out system.

Facebook Can Help To Hook Up With Your Crush

During last year’s F8, Facebook introduced a dating service. This year it declared that Facebook Dating is going to expand to 14 nations. A new feature was called ‘Secret Crush’ that would do as one looks forward.

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