In a Bid to Win the Smart Market, Google Is Going Big In Upcoming CES

In an attempt to shake the iconic search engine image, Google made a large Willy Wonka factory in last year’s CES. This year, the tech giant is going even bigger. A Google spokesperson has said that the company will be three times bigger than the previous year. The map provided by the consumer technology association also displays the colossal size of Google booth that dwarves last year’s booth size.
Google is trying to make an impact in the artificially intelligent devices. Time and again Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said that the company is going all out on the artificial intelligence sector. As per Brian Solis, an analyst of the Altimeter group, it is high time for Google to show aggressive moves. Consumer Intelligence Research partner’s report is corroborating Brian’s version. According to that report Google’s home devices is used by only 24 per cent of the market.
Google has understood the threat and taking steps to right the wrong. Thus, making larger booths and showing the world what the devices of Google can do has become so very important. Last year in CSE, Google unveiled four new types of assistant enabled devices. It is expected that Google will unveil some other partner made devices which have built-in Google Assistant.
Not only software, Google is upping the hardware games also. The move of taking back the smart home device maker company Nest lets Google integrate the maker of security camera and smart thermostats into its product line.
Along with this, Google is steadily trying to expand its Google Home products. In last year, Google had released a smart display call Home Hub. The display is just like the products that have made by Google partners. The difference is that the hardware of this product is all Google branded. Another move was releasing the iconic Google phone Pixel 3. The product has already been deemed as the best android phone of 2018 by CNET.
Thus, the strong push to CES is not only to make people use Google Assistant. It is all about making Google products available in every sphere of peoples’ lives.

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