Beth Galí, Catalan Architect Whose Streetlamp Design Was Stolen By Qatar Ends up Receiving Justice

On learning that the State of Qatar has copied the designs of Beth Galí’s lampposts design, Santa & Cole, the Spanish lighting brand had filed a lawsuit against Qatar. The design was made by Catalan designer, Beth Galí for Barcelona. Moreover, Beth Gali also demanded for compensation for breaching the intellectual property rights.

A historic judgment was made by the Mercantile Court 2 of Barcelona. It adjudicated that the State of Qatar copied the design of lampposts that belonged to their Catalan designer, Beth Gali. The judge stated that the lampposts which have been already positioned on the ten kilometres stretch of the Al Waab Avenue that links with the football stadium of Doha must be dismantled and ravaged. At the same time, also the clone streetlamps which are in stock with the public authority Ashgal should be destroyed. The judge even ordered that the public company Ashgal, who looks after the public works of the Qatari state, should pay Galí 50,000 euros as compensation for bringing about moral damages to her and also for jeopardizing the intellectual property right of the designer.
The Spanish company, Street & Cole stated that they learned about Qatar’s counterfeiting when the Qatari government contacted them as the streetlights were not functioning properly. Hence, a team from the company during his sudden visit to Doha found that the lampposts installed all along the Al Waab Avenue were falsified of the Latina lampposts designs that were made by Beth Galí and manufactured by Santa & Cole. Moreover, even though the metal structure of Qatar’s streetlights was manufactured in Turkey, while the spotlights from China; it posed great harm to the reputation of the company. Hence, Santa & Cole along with Beth Galí registered a case in the Court of Barcelona. Both of them had immense faith in law that justice would be delivered to them and the case of fraud would be solved.
Before knocking the doors of law, Santa & Cole banged the doors of Spanish embassy and international organizations to reinforce their accusation. The ruling is not only historic as it aimed to protect the creativity of Catalan designers and their intellectual property rights. President of Santa & Cole, Javier Nieto, mentioned that due to the judgment justice has been met to the world of design and business world.

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