Each Batman Films of Mine Are of Different Genre: Christopher Nolan

According to Christopher Nolan, each film of The Dark Knight Trilogy belongs to a different genre of films. With Memento, which is a mind bending crime thriller Nolan made his breakthrough into the film industry in the year 2000. The filmmaker who was also nominated in the Oscars established a true position for himself with the release of the movies from the batman series. This also made his position forceful which was a kind of calculation which was done by him to retain in the industry.
The starting point for Nolan was the release of batman begins in the 2005 which starred Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne and he was opposite to Liam Neeson as Ra’s al Guhl. This was followed by him to make the mega blockbuster of The Dark Knight in the year 2008. This film starred Health Hegder as Joker for which the late actor was given a posthumous for the best supporting actor at the Oscars. The trilogy of batman was wrapped up in the year 2012 and the mane of the film was The Dark Knight Rises. In this film a new adversary was brought by Nolan with Bane which was played by Tom Hardy. Along with that came an uncomfortable ally in Selina Kyle who is mostly known as catwoman. This character was played by Anne Hathaway. It was thought by Nolan that all of the movies were fundamentally different from each other.
The observations which Nolan have done about his batman films have come at a nice time when The Dark Knight will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in the coming July. While the films like Avengers: Infinity War have crossed almost all of the the box office records which was already set by The Dark Knight, there is no second thought that the this was a landmark film which has set a target to all the coming superhero films.


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