Apps and Products Which Apple Copied for iOS 13 and macOS Catalina

Another WWDC, another set of apps, services, and products that may just been shadowed by Apple. Most of the time when Apple develops a native feature, it efficiently portrays a third-party app or product to be useless. However, every year, Apple comes up with new OS offerings. Some of the things which Apple might have copied are mentioned below:

Single Sign-On
With Sign-in with Apple, users would now be able to opt to have Apple sign them up for various apps and services instead of connecting the apps through a Facebook or Google account. Apple promises to offer less information to apps than Facebook or Google did. It’ll also allow users to sign in with Face ID.

Menstruation and Fertility Tracking Apps
Apple has been criticized for its lack of all-inclusive female health tracking support and this year at WWDC it finally declared that users can track their menstruation cycles through both the new Apple Watch Cycles app and the iOS Health app. This feature is included within the cost of your iPhone and Apple Watch, so no more paying for an app or dealing with ad-supported free apps.

Drawing Tablets
macOS Catalina includes a new feature called Sidecar that would allow users to use an iPad as a secondary screen to your Mac desktop. Since the iPad supports the Apple Pencil, which means if you own all three items, you won’t need a Wacom-style dedicated tablet to draw inside your Mac apps anymore.

Luna, Duet Display, and Other Sketching / Second Display Apps
In the same vein, Sidecar also means that there is no need of third-party apps that lets one use iPad as a second screen. Some of the more popular apps for this are Luna and Duet Display, although the latter company also offers support for PC to iPad, so it’s not entirely dead just yet for households with varied operating systems.

Google Street View
Through Apple’s own version of Street View (called “Look Around”), the company is trying to recruit users back from Google Maps with the wish that they’ll eventually populate its apps with more data.

Apple Watch Voice Memo Apps
Voice Memo is coming to the Apple Watch in watchOS 6, so there’s not really a reason to use free voice recording apps from third-party vendors anymore.

Video Editing Apps
With iOS 13, users will be able to edit videos to adjust color balance, sharpness, saturation, and more.

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