Apple’s Now Obsolete Home Button Prods That Even the Best Button Can Fail

In today’s digital age, it can occasionally feel like hardware has given off to the software that spurs devices. Buttons are one of the most transitory parts of modern technology. A text file from a decade ago will still load the same, and as the axiom goes, nothing is really gone from the internet.

However, even the best button is destined to fail. As the only physically moving part in most modern technology, buttons are the one piece that can truly, permanently become worn or break. This has been perfectly demonstrated by the home button of the iPhone. Basically, a critical flaw can affect the product and even shape it over time.

It was seen that the home button used to wear down with time and the home button’s fragility has been reported on many occasions. In its iPhone 7, the home button was replaced by an unmoving solid circle that wasn’t a button at all.

The home button used to take a lot of space on the front of the phone at a time when the size of the screen has been growing. Apple’s artificial button, while the function wasn’t as acceptable to use it on a palpable level as an actual, real moving part.

In the case of the iPhone, it was a steady shift that took many years to happen. However, even for something as crucial as that home button, the foregoing was too great. Even the best buttons are still buttons, and finally, every button flunk.

Well, there’s a silver lining of sorts. Today’s iPhone doesn’t come with a home button, but the phones are more watertight than ever. The screen is no bigger and can display more information. And the motion that returns the home button has evolved to be much superior for actually making use of Apple’s software, allowing users fly around the OS and between apps in a way that the interrupted pauses of the button presses are not allowed.

Apple’s home button may have been epochal, but its glitches ultimately forced the company to design around it, bringing about an improved version of the product than the one that the button itself had provided.

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