Apple Silently Removes Zoom’s Vulnerable Web Server Software from Macs

After the drama over the popular video conferencing app, Zoom’s use of hidden web server on Macs, Apple has finally stepped in. It has released a silent update for Mac users. Through the update, Apple has removed the hidden web server which was quietly installed on users’ Macs as soon as the video conferencing app was installed. Apple announced that the update doesn’t need any interaction from the end of the user and it is automatically deployed.

Even though Zoom had issued an emergency patch yesterday to remove the web server; however, Apple is worried that many users won’t update and some might not be even aware of the controversy that Zoom app has issued its own patch.

Before Zoom’s emergency update, uninstalling the Zoom app would have still left the web server on users’ computer. Hence, Zoom wouldn’t have a way to uninstall it with an updated app. Apple reportedly thinks this software update shouldn’t impact Zoom’s ability to function on Macs.

This entire episode started earlier in the week when security researcher Jonathan Leitschuh published his worries over a serious vulnerability in Zoom that could permit any website to open up a Zoom conference call on your computer automatically when the webcam is on. Even if one uninstalls Zoom, the web server remained on the machine and could even reinstall the application automatically.

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