Apple Releases iOS 11.4.1 and Blocks Its Passcode Cracking Tools

Apple had unveiled its iOS 12 during the WWDC 2018. However, on 9th July, it released iOS 11.4.1 update for its iPhone, iPad, and iPod models. The latest update which came out just before the release of the first stable build of iOS 12 offers a lot of features. The latest update brings forward the most foreseen safety feature by default.
The USB Restricted Mode of the iOS devices would prevent USB accessories to remain connected for more than an hour. The change that has been brought would prevent law enforcement and private companies to connect through the Lightning port to gain access to the device and crack the passcode through various methods. Hence, with this change no longer one would be able to evade the encryption safeguards.
In order to restrict the USB access, the iOS 11.4.1 brings a new button for USB accessories. One can find it by going to the Settings and check the Face ID & Passcode. This option is disabled. This means any USB accessories won’t be able to establish a connection with the iOS device if it has locked for over an hour straight. However, if one wants to allow the device to reconnect with the USB accessories after it got locked, one would need to toggle the USB Accessories option. It would remove the hour limit.
However, Apple is requesting its users to keep the button disabled in order to keep the devices secured.
The decision to enforce ‘USB Restricted Mode’ is to enhance user privacy; however, it can place Apple at a odd situation with the law enforcement officials and other authorities who might want to crack the seized iPhones.
Apple is trying to do their best to bolster the security of the Apple devices so that it can be kept protected from hackers and identity thieves. It respects the law enforcement and don’t want to interfere in their work.
The latest update from Apple can easily fix the bugs and issues that are present within iPads and iPhones.


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