Apple iOS 13: All That One Needs to Know

Apple’s iOS 13 is finally here. Rather, the public beta for iOS 13 has arrived, allowing the masses a first chance to take Apple’s latest operating system for a spin. This year, Apple is breaking off its mobile software into two parts: iOS for the iPhone and a new version known as iPadOS for the iPad.

Starting today, one can install this beta. Some of the top new features that one would get to see are mentioned below:

1.Dark mode is finally here. It would make the overall OS and Apple’s preinstalled apps dark because third-party apps aren’t getting updated. With the new Dark Mode API that would let them switch too. Dark mode is the biggest cosmetic change to iOS.

2.The photos app would add new view mode that would sort pictures automatically by day, month, or year. One would be able to edit brilliance, highlights, shadows, contrast, saturation, white balance, sharpness, definition, vignette, and noise reduction on pictures.

3.Apple Maps gets a lot of criticism from its calamitous launch. Apple’s hoping to change that reputation in iOS 13, as it’s getting a whole new Maps app.

4.The new Reminder app of Apple is going to have a lot of features. A heavy dose of Siri has been added. One can also tag their contacts in the reminders.

5.The whole OS would be faster, with apps launching quicker and downloads taking up less space.
6.The new swiping keyboard is amazing. It’s pretty fast.

7.The volume indicator has been fixed finally.

These are some of the interesting changes that one would get to see in Apple’s iOS 13.

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