Apple Chief Visits White House to Attend Workforce Policy Advisory Board Meeting

Apple head Tim Cook has recently visited the white house to discuss job-related problems, sources said. According to them, Tim had been taking part in the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting in the White House. The meeting had been called to prepare the workers for the upcoming changes in the economy of the USA.

The board was created and unveiled by the United States government in February this year. Apart from Apple CEO, chiefs of different large companies are also a part of this board. Along with the business heads, members of the school system and politicians are also a part of this board. According to the sources, the last meeting was all about job training for the American youths.

Cook’s participation in this meeting was cited by none other than Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump. However, Apple has not given any press briefing despite multiple requests. The White House did not reply to the request for comment either.

Training the workers to make them more technology-oriented is one of the major goals for both the private sector and the Government of the United States. A recent study has pointed out; more than 40% of the companies think that it is becoming harder to find people with the right technical skills. It is believed that the motto of this meeting is to amend this condition.

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